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Tailored Fitness: Meeting you right where you are, moving you forward from that place
Tailored Fitness: Improving quality of life
Tailored Fitness: Supporting sustainable, healthy, lifestyle changes
Tailored Fitness: Educating, empowering, strengthening, and encouraging
These are the goals of Stronghold Fitness LLC.

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Healthy Benefits From Exercising
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Rebecca Dotson, owner, and operator of Stronghold FitnessWelcome to Stronghold Fitness, LLC.  I am Rebecca Dotson, owner, and operator.   My greatest passion is supporting, educating, encouraging, and pushing individuals to recognize their capabilities, strengths, and fitness goals.  I LOVE what I do.  I desire to model a healthy lifestyle as well as be the coach, mentor, and cheerleader that my clients and students need, and ensure that each individual never feels alone in his or her fitness journey.  Everyone’s fitness needs are unique. I aim to tailor workouts to each client’s needs, leaving clients feeling successful every step of the way!

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